~ Hades Dialogue Resources ~

compiled by @thanzage on twitter!

Comprehensive dialogue spreadsheets!
They include each line along with its associated file name, in case you want to find the corresponding audio in the game files. (The Thanatos one also contains links to the individual files.)
(However Zagreus's sheet is not as neat as the others due to the sheer number of lines he has, & a lot of his lines do not have the file name listed alongside them ☹.)

~ Some Notes ~Scripts.zip contains all script files from the game that contain dialogue text.
(They are .LUA files and I like to view/edit them in Notepad++!) More detail on some of the specific script files can be found below.
The "Subtitles" text covers any dialogue from overworld contexts (e.g. Theseus's boasting during his boss fight). This is separate from the story/conversation dialogue.

NPCData contains (almost) all the dialogue box text for non-Olympian characters.Zag's exchanges with Chaos & the Olympians can be found in LootData. There are also some more Zag lines in DeathLoopData.
(thank you to cgull from the Hades modding discord for the tip!)
Conversations before/after boss battles can be found in EnemyData.
EncounterData has more dialogue that takes place in chambers during runs.

Also this is sort of unrelated but I highly recommend the (free!) "Everything" browser, it is WAY better than the default Windows file search and has been very helpful for finding & looking through files :D

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